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Project III and IV (MATH3382/4072)

Project III and IV (MATH3382/4072)

2023/24 – Undergraduate only

Modelling the impact of policy change on the customer journey for originating secured business loans

Atom bank’s mission is to lend money to small and medium sized businesses in the UK, to help finance their ambitions to grow. To achieve this mission, the Credit Risk team work to continuously improve the bank’s business lending policy and decision-making processes, to enable business loan applications to be reviewed quickly and efficiently, within the bank’s overall business plan and risk appetite.

The aim of this project is to develop a model capable of quantifying the impact of proposed changes in our lending policy and/or decision-making processes on our key risk indicators, such as the time required to review a loan application, the % of loans which are approved by our underwriting team as well as the financial impact of completing a greater or lesser number of business loans.

As part of this research project, we anticipate students will engage with a number of quantitative research techniques. For example, collecting, analysing, visualising, and modelling data. Developing a quantitative and dynamic model to facilitate a range of impact assessments and sensitivity analysis. The research project may also provide the students the opportunity to apply more advanced techniques such as process mining, simulation and/or machine learning.

This project is recommended for students that have taken one or more of the following modules:

  • Data Science and Statistical Computing II (MATH 2687)
  • Mathematical Modelling II (MATH 2637)
  • Operations Research III (MATH3141)